Hail to the Queen - 2013


100% Barbera


The Wine: The grapes for this vintage came from Fort Bowie, near Willcox. This wine was aged in neutral Hungarian Oak, which provides a nice balance for the fruity characters of this grape quite nicely.

The Nose: Intense fruit; watermelons, cherry, prickly pear, raspberry, and tea-berries. Notes of mint, vanilla, and anise underlie the fruit, and a soft whisper of sandalwood provided by the Hungarian Oak completes the bouquet.

The Palate: This wine is a fruit bomb. Cherry, Strawberry, and Prickly Pear explode onto the palate. These notes intermingle with nutmeg, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and a freshly lit cheroot. This is a lighter-bodied red, with a finish which lasts from roughly 15-20 seconds.

Pairing: Hail to the Queen would make for a very versatile red table wine; pairing quite easily with hamburgers off the grill, roasted chicken, or spaghetti. For the vegetarian, this pairs quite well with Spanakopita or a Margherita Pizza.